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Trust PrimeBed to Provide The Best Environmental Qualities Available.

                    Why is PrimeBed Environmentally Superior to All other Bedding Products?

              Primebed is a Natural Organic Product that is Farm Produced, and re-seeded every year. This Fact                         alone puts Prime-Bed in a unique category as  being Truly Renewable and Truly Sustainable.
is not Associated in any way with the depletion of our forests and these fragile ecosystems.                                                      
              Primebed does Not Require Disposal, however if you do dispose of your manure. Prime-Bed is Safe.

              Primebed Biodegrades Naturally, Fast and Completely in 6 to 8 weeks on your manure pile, and is                         Approved for Certified Organic Fertilizer.  Our Bags Too Are Made Only of Recycled Material.

  Primebed is CO2 Neutral, be assured you are doing your part to reduce Global Warming!!

                                                   Composting and Fertilizer Use!

Primebed Composts FAST in Only 6 to 8 Weeks on Your Manure Pile. Together with your Livestock Waist, You Will Produce Wonderful Organic Fertilizer for Fields, Lawns and Gardens.

has the Correct Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio (C/N) for Quality Fertilizer, and is Low PH,       

Wood Bedding's (Sawdust, Shavings, Chips and Pellets) are not ideal for fertilizer use, as they are Extremely Slow to Biodegrade, and are Pure Carbon. This Carbon (C) condition Robs Soils of Valuable Nitrogen (N), which is Essential for Plants and Grasses to Grow and be Healthy. Further with this slow rate of degrade that can persist for years, your soils may become overwhelmed and polluted with wood waste, at risk of Compaction, Unproductive, and Generally Performing Poorly from The Loss of Available Nitrogen.

Primebed however as mentioned, has the Ideal C/N Ratio Naturally, and Provides the Immediate Benefits of Putting Fast Acting Vegetative Organic Matter Back to Your Soils, Where it's Most Beneficial.

                                               What is PrimeBed?

It's Simple, Primebed is Flax Shives. The Flax Plant is grown for Flax seed as we all know, there is also good use for Flax Fiber that is processed from the harvested stalk of the plant.
The other porous interior fiber, protected and encased inside the stalk, is known as the Shive           

This Durable and Highly Absorbent interior Fiber, stands alone as an excellent bedding material. Flax Shives are Widely used Throughout Western Europe by Equestrians and other Animal Owners alike, and is Quickly Becoming the Bedding of Choice. 

 However is Proudly Processed In Canada, and Supports Canadian Farmers.


  Use PrimeBed Safely for all your Livestock and Pet Bedding Needs
                                                                                                                                                        Cattle, Sheep, Lamas, Goats, Chicken Coops, Cats, Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils.

  They All Benefit from this Fantastic Bedding, it's Absorbency and Hygienic Quality

Primebed Saves you Time and Saves you Bedding. On an annual basis by comparison to other forms of bedding, your consumption should be reduced, and your budget maintained or improved to provide savings, weather it be One Horse...or a Barn Full.
Your Initial Bed does not have to be replaced, just maintained weekly, the annual usage for an average size horse, with average stall time per day, should be approximately 50 to 70 bags per year, or less!

Primebed is also useful as an absorbent supplement to other bedding's with poor absorption quality's such as Straw, Shavings and Sawdust. Use Prime-Bed as the Under Bed to better manage your moisture and provide a drier bedding experience overall. 

Another Advantage to You Financially, is that Primebed is Approved for Organic Gardening, this now Transforms Your Manure Pile into a Viable Cash Commodity, as a supplier of In-Demand Fertilizer for the Growing Organic Produce Market. Or just selling into your own Community, Friends and Neighbors.

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